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What to do when you are ready to enroll in Medicare

You probably have heard that Medicare enrollment rules are complicated. This is proven to be true, knowing when to enroll takes research. However, the good news is that enrolling is actually relative easy.

To enroll in Medicare, there are 3 basic steps to follow:

1. Begin with Social Security: Medicare enrollment is administered by the Social Security Administration.  They offer you three options for enrolling into basic Medicare. You can call your local office for more information

2. Take advantage of Medigap: Once enrolled into basic Medicare, you will need to make choices quickly on other forms of coverage. If you want an Medigap plan (it covers many things not covered by basic Medicare) you must enroll within six months of obtaining Part B coverage.

3. Consider Medicare Advantage and Part D plans: The enrollment period is the same as it is for Part B. You must first enroll in basic Medicare before you can contact private insurers for Medicare Advantage Plan or stand-alone Part D plans.