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The only time to update Medicare plans is now

Medicare’s open enrollment will run until December 7th.

Seniors who are looking to make changes or review their Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage for 2015 have the opportunities to do so.

Open Enrollment is the only time when every seniors who are enrolled into the Medicare program can make adjustments or enroll into a new plan that starts in 2015.

During Open Enrollment, seniors should:

Consider each of their options each year. Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans tend to change each year. Insurers can adjust everything from his or her formularies, to out-of-pocket costs, to their in-network providers. They should add this to any changes they have experienced. This includes revised budgets and new diagnoses.

Seniors always have the option to call their local, independent insurance agent for a no-obligation review of his or her current Medicare polices.