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Studies show many Medicare enrollees are given needless tests

Millions of older Medicare enrollees are receiving tests that he or she does not need in order to prove he or she are healthy enough to have cataracts removed.

The excess testing before the quick, ultra-safe eye procedure is costing him or her as well as Medicare bundles, and many enrollees do not know they can question these tests.

Medical providers say that these patients should ask if these test are necessary and how much it will cost in co-insurance, which is usually 20% under Medicare.

About 13% of Medicare enrollees were given one test; 11% received two tests, 10% received three, and 13% also have received five or more tests.

Major studies report that about half of Medicare enrollees were given tests before they had cataract removal, and the routine testing did not improve safety or outcomes.

Many medical groups in 2002 issued guidelines advising against these routine testing.