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Outlook on Medicare’s future

As we draw near another congressional election, we draw closer to another two years of trouble for Medicare as well as Social Security. Three incumbent congressmen and their four opponents all want to ensure the future for America’s largest retirement plan as well as the largest health insurance plan.

Fifty-two Americans have received Medicare that has paid out $582 billion. However; the outlook on Medicare doesn’t look good. The main Medicare trust fund that covers hospital coverage, will no longer have any reserve money come 2030 and can only afford to pay about 85% of people’s costs.

One solution congressmen oppose to improve Medicare’s future is to make sure Medicare plans shift their emphasizing results on health care. They also favor the means to testing require wealthier Americans to pay higher share prescription drug coverage and Medicare supplemental premiums. However, many believe that out-come based systems are the answer. Medicare can be improves by reforming health care, boosting the economy by creating more jobs and bring more workers into the work field.