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Minnesota Medicare

Minnesota Medicare Supplementary Insurance choices are many. We buy health insurance we may protect ourselves from the expensive costs of medical care. There are some types of health insurance that can make it easier to get the care you need. There are more choices today than ever before with the different types of Health Insurance available. Not to mention the variety of cost regarding various products associated with the different levels of benefits and or providers.

Living in Minnesota gives you guaranteed issue rights for buying a Medigap policy. These policies are different.

In Minnesota there are four parts to the Medicare program. It contains Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

Basic Medicare Benefits

Inpatient hospital care covers the Part A coinsurance; then medical costs covers the in Part B coinsurance. It covers the first three pints of blood each annually. Part A has hospice & respite care in cost sharing and Parts A and B for home healthcare service and supplies cost in sharing.

Medigap plans

When you enroll in Part B, basic and extended basic benefits are accessible no matter what your age or health condition and problems may be. You choose your employer’s health insurance plan you get another 6 month Medigap Open Enrollment Period after retiring from that employer then you can elect Part B


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