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Medigap Plan B Costs

Private insurance companies have the ability to set their own monthly premiums, which are based off three price rating systems:

  • attained-age-related
  • issue-age-related
  • community-related

Medigap Plan B enrollees from one company, must all pay the same monthly premium while other enrollees of different ages enrolled in Plan B from other companies will pay different premiums.

It will depend on a variety of factors such as health status, age, gender, and age, Carriers may charge less or more for the same plan, Despite these different pricing methods, every insurer must notify their enrollees in advance if they plan to increase their premiums.

In addition, companies may not chance what the policy covers and may not cancel coverage unless an enrollee does not pay the plan premiums,

The most ideal time for an enrollee to enroll in a Medigap plan is during the six month Medicare Supplemental Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which will start on the first day of the month that he or she are both over 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B.

During this six-month period, enrollees have the guaranteed issue right to enroll in any Plan B policy of his or her choosing, regardless of whether they have per-existing health conditions.

Hence, if a person has End-Stage Renal Disease, then the six-month period is the best and most likely the only time he or she will be able to enroll in Medigap policy.

If they miss this enrollment period and decide to enroll later, then they might be subjected to medical underwriting and denied enrollment.