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Medicare reform makes room for better health care

April 14, 2015 made history, the passing of the long-overdue Medicare reform. The Medicare reform provides a framework for a more sustainable and stable Medicare program.

The Medicare reform is just the start, but it provides a bold and strong road map for transitioning to new models of care, which is patient-focused, improve quality and will reduce overall costs.

The reform will also remove barriers to innovation and will not only pave the way for digital health care to flourish, which will enable patients to take more proactive roles in his or her health, which will help put them on a better path to manage and prevent the nation’s most costly and debilitation chronic diseases and illnesses.

Ensuring that the nation’s physicians have the freedom to select the practice models, which best meets his or her patients’ needs has been the catalyst behind the AMA’s work to improve the Medicare program and make it more sustainable both now and for future generations.

Working together policymakers and lawmakers while remaining vigilant and focused will help continue to shape a healthier America.