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Medicare Part D Premiums

Monthly premiums vary depending on your plan and the company you have enrolled with. Typically, the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, also known as “PDPs” and the Medicare Advantage Prescription plans will have a monthly premium. The premiums may include both Medicare Parts C and D as well it could be an addition to a Medicare Part B premium that must continue to be paid.

Avoid Paying a Late Enrollment Penalty for Part D

You want to make sure to sign up for your Medicare Part D once you are eligible, don’t wait. Eligible Beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and, or Part B and who’s service area’s plan includes the prescriptions drug coverage may get Part D.

Going without creditable prescriptions drug coverage for 63 days in a row or longer my cause you to pay higher premiums when later signing up for Part D.

Low Income Subsidy programs may be available if you qualify and would not have to pay a late penalty.

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