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What is a Medicare Part D Plan Finder?

Medicare Part D is the official name given to the drug coverage program.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder is a tool found online at Medicare’s website that you can put in your Zip Code along with any details about your drugs which will compare the different available Part D drug plans to other plans allowing you to find your best deal.

Health Plan Finder Data

The Affordable Care Act is there to make insurance data transparent and available allowing for a more competitive marketplace allowing consumers to have greater access to information regarding their health insurance. What options are available to guarantee greater value for their premium dollars.

HHS is required by the Affordable Care Act to institute a tool, which includes an internet website, in which a resident, or small business in all States can identify affordable, reasonably priced coverage options for health insurance in that State.” website has been displaying data collected in its Plan Finder since July of 2010.

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