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Medicare Part D open enrollment

When should you enroll in Medicare Part D

Enrolling in a drug benefit “Part D” can be done during the Initial Enrollment Period / IEP. You must be enrolled with “Medicare Part A or B and be living in your Medicare Plans Area.

Usually the IEP is the same as Part B.

  • A 7 Month period of time including 3 months prior to the month you became eligible for Medicare
  • Then the same month you became eligible
  • And then 3 months after the month became eligible.

For those turning 65 and you are disabled, then you qualify for new Part D IEP.

  • The IEP last 7 months
  • This includes 3 months prior o turning 64
  • The same month you turned 65
  • 3 months after you 65th b-day
  • Those who paid a premium penalty for signing up for Part D late but before truing 65 will not have to pay the penalty after your Part D IEP starts.

Joining Medicare drug plan 3 months prior to qualifying for Medicare.

  • Coverage starts the same month your eligible.

Joining Medicare drug plan during the month or 3 months after your eligible.

  • Drug coverages starts on the 1st of the month, after you’ve been enrolled.
  • You must enroll early to have your plan start at the same time you become eligible.

Not joining a Medicare drug plan in your Initial Enrollment Period?

  • May have to wait till Fall Open Enrollment or pay a premium penalty.

Special Enrollment Period may be available under Part D special circumstances.

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