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Medicare Part D beginning and ending

Consumer report articles published in August, in the Health and Science section, Poll shows drug prices moving higher”, stated “when people enrolleed in Medicare Part D plan reaches a doughnut hole.

The doughnut hole is when Medicare Part D enrollees and the plan have paid $2,960 together or they have to pay fully for medications until the total reaches $3,310. However, this is incorrect for several reasons.

In 2015, Medicare enrollees will reach the doughnut hole $2,960, he or she will not pay full price for medications. Instead, they will pay 45% of the plan for covered brand-name medications and 65% for the plans generic medications.

When Medicare Part D enrollees have spent $4,700 out of pocket for the year, their coverage gap will end, and they will pay small co-insurance or co-payment for each drug that is covered until the end of the year.