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Medicare Out Of Pocket 2017 Increases MOOP

CMS Notice for 2017 says that Medicare Out Of Pocket (MOOP) has limits based on beneficiary level distribution containing Parts A and then Parts B for individuals cost sharing that are enrolled in the Original Medicare. About the 95th percent in a projected beneficiaries spending out of pocket represented the mandatory MOOP amount.

You can expect Medicare Advantage plan healthcare expenses covered won’t go above $6,700.00 if its in-networking cost sharing even through your Medicare Advantage Plan may increase your maximum out of pocket limit in the year 2017.

You will receive an October 2016 Letter which is the Annual Notice of Change Letter; so read this and find out if your MOOP has increased. Knowing this can prepare you for what is needed to budget in 2017 for Medicare Part A and Part B in-network coverage.