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Medicare facts everyone should know

Tens of millions of Americans rely on Medicare, with most of them becoming eligible when he or she turns 65. However, many do not know much about Medicare and how it works. Or how Medicare can protect against expensive costs for medical care. Below you will find some facts to help you better understand how Medicare works.

1. Medicare is important to older Americans. Almost 45 million seniors are enrolled in Medicare.

2. You may qualify for Medicare in several ways. Workers usually are eligible for Medicare by earning work credits. For example, workers with 40 credits usually represent 10 years of work may qualify.

3. Medicare will cover several different types of expenses. Medicare is a multifaceted program, which helps pay for several different types of services.

Part A-will cover hospital and inpatient care

Part B- will cover doctor services and visits.

Part D will cover medication and other prescription drug costs

4. You may change Medicare Coverage each year. The times you may change coverage are:

Oct. 15 to Dec 7. You can switch plans, change plans between original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Jan. 1 to Feb 14. You may drop coverage during this time for Medicare Advantage for original Medicare only