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Medicare Changes

Medicare’s 2015 open enrollment begin on October 15, and thanks to ObamaCare also known as the Affordable Care Act, people are expected to save a lot money on routine things. Medicare Part B will now start covering annual wellness checks and preventive screenings. There is however; a down side. People may see changes in copays; networks of doctors, which could go up or down, which will depend on how well your plan is doing.

Along with the good changes for Medicare’s open enrollment, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released basic choices seniors face.

If a senior has the plain old Medicare, which about 654,000 people, which is Medicare insurance Parts A and B. The government announced on  October 8th that Part B premium for most enrollees will remain at $104.90 a month for the third consecutive year. Annual deductibles will remain unchanged at $147. But, higher-income taxpayers will have to pay a premium of $146.90 and $335.70

At least 129,00 people will chose Medicare supplement plans, which is known as Medigap. These type of plan covers Part A and B copay, cost-sharing requirements, and deductibles. Most Medigap plans premiums are averaged at $182.00 each month.