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2018’s Medicare Supplement Companies Top 10 list

Posted by on Jul 11, 2018 in Medicare News, Medigap Plans, News | 0 comments

Reaching the age of 65 is when you find yourself faced with important decisions about your healthcare insurance. Spending your life working and paying into Medicare; it is now time to reap the rewards in benefits. While you must enroll in the Original Medicare, it is also the time to enroll in Medigap. One you know which letter plan is needed, it’s time to choose the health insurance carrier you want. Here is list of 2018’s top 10 Medicare Supplement companies available. Companies (A.M. Best) Rating, (S&P) Rating and how many years the...

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How much is Medicare Part B?

Posted by on Jul 11, 2018 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

Many retirees are faced with the challenges of paying for healthcare even though Medicare will provide a lot of help. It does take a lot of effort to figure out the health care coverage alphabet soup descriptions and purposes. Medicare Part B is a vital component for retirees receiving their much-needed everyday healthcare. To help answer some frequently asked questions by older Americans regarding the program, below are some key Medicare Part B provisions and how you will be able to use it for covering expenses like doctor visits and...

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Maryland’s all payer hospital model’s extension is approved by Feds

Posted by on Feb 6, 2018 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

Maryland’s unique “all payer” health care hospital model has been authorized by the Federal health officials through 2019 as the state tries to get approval on applying a similar plan for outpatient service providers for doctors and skilled nurses as well as rehabilitation centers. The program regulates the amount a hospital can charge as an exchange for the federal government covering a larger share of the Medicare costs covered in othered states which is a strong step Maryland is able to take in fulfilling a federal requirement for lowering...

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How Medicare and Medicaid could change for you in 2018

Posted by on Feb 6, 2018 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

It was a rough ride in 2017 for the health care policy in the U.S. Even though the Obamacare repeal didn’t happen, the ACA individual mandate was killed by the GOP tax law. This is a change in the federal law the will impact millions of Americans in the years to come, more so those who are 50 – 64 years of age. Starting in 2019, those in this group will see jumps averaging $1,500 in their health insurance premiums found in an AARP study. Medicaid covers Americans who are poor, seniors, and the disabled and the affects will have an...

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