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Medicare Benefits Information

There is about 70% of seniors who receive Original Medicare; the rest receive their coverage through Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage insurers must cover every service, which Original Medicare covers, except hospice care and some care in qualifying clinical research studies.

With all types of Medicare Advantage plan, you are covered for urgent and emergency care. Most of Medicare Advantage plans will include some prescription drug coverage.

However, these plans do charge different out-of-pockets costs and they will have different rules for how you receive your service.

For example, you might need referrals to visit a specialist. Or you may need to stay in their provider network, unless you are willing to pay more if you want to go outside the service network.

Its suggested that you always check with a plan before you get services to find out if that service will be covered and what the costs will be. If your plan decides to stop participating in Medicare, you may return to Original Medicare or join another Medicare health plan.