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Medicare Advantage Could Soon Be Paying Your Groceries

More than 10 million people registered for Medicare Advantage plans in 2009. Fast forward a decade, and the number of enrollees has almost doubled. Many people have turned to Medicare Advantage, so they can get their prescription drug coverage, vision insurance, doctor’s visits, and more under one policy.

Now, people are about to have another reason to join a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans are about to add additional supplemental benefits, including groceries. If you’re sick of spending your hard-earned money on food, read on!

The Expansion

In 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made a significant change to the definition of “primarily health-related” benefits that can go into Medicare Advantage policies. This new law will take effect this year, and when it does, you can get a Medicare Advantage plan that includes all kinds of extras, along with the traditional Medicare benefits you’ve come to expect.

The new benefits can include the groceries you need to stay healthy, meal delivery, air conditioner if you have asthma, ridesharing to your appointments, and more. These extras will help people live healthy lives and access the healthcare they need efficiently. The idea is to reduce emergency medical care while addressing the various factors that lead to illnesses and injuries. While the results remain to be seen, it’s likely that people will be healthier (and happier) once they take advantage of grocery payments and other extras.

Getting the New Benefits

When the new benefits come into effect, they won’t be available for everyone. People need to receive a recommendation from their health care providers to receive the benefits. Physicians will deem what is medically necessary and then make the recommendations to the insurance provider. Then, the provider will determine if the person is eligible. If you are eligible, you’ll get to start using those extra benefits.

Currently Covered Benefits

Medicare Advantage plans can already include some extras that you can’t get with Medicare. For instance, if you pick up a Medicare Advantage plan now, you can get hearing aid coverage, vision and dental insurance, and more. You can even get gym memberships with a current plan. These extras have been a huge draw over the years, and with the new options, even more people might start using Medicare Advantage.

What About Traditional Medicare?

It’s important to note that these additions will not be available to those who only have traditional Medicare plans. A Medicare Advantage plan will be necessary to take advantage of these extras. Those who have Original Medicare have the option to switch to Medicare Advantage.

Choosing a Plan

Choosing a Medicare plan might seem a little overwhelming. Plans offer different benefits, and you want to find the one that is best for you without going over your budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose a plan on your own. Call (877) 829-1109 to speak with a licensed insurance agent and get help choosing your plan. You can also get help online. Visit us online to compare various Medicare plans.