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How to Protect Yourself Against Common Medicare Scams

During open enrollment you need to be careful about possible Medicare scams. People telling you changing your plan is required and asking for your Medicare card number is something you should be leery of. There are some easy tips to be aware of.

Protecting your Medicare card number is the same as protecting your credit card number, social security number, etc. You need to make sure of who you are dealing with and if they are a part of your team before giving this information.

Medicare does not call or email anyone about any healthcare offers. So if anyone calls or emails requesting your information it’s a scam, simply hang up.

Insurance agents must be invited or have an appointment setup prior to calling or visiting your home. If not this is considered abuse.

Here are 5 common scams you should read about.

  1. Switching plans is a must
  2. Medicare is changing cards
  3. For you, a special price
  4. Health fair scams.
  5. Phony organizations