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How to prevent Medicare fraud

Its estimated that about $60 billion is lost each year, to Medicare fraud. Whether a person is on Medicare or not, everyone will have to pay the price for healthcare fraud, abuse, and errors. They will have to pay in the form of higher insurance costs and payments for medical equipment and services.

Because Medicare fraud is such an important issue Medicare experts around the United States are holding free programs to help seniors fight scams.

The experts will discuss the many different types of scams and frauds, which target seniors. Below are three tips the experts will be discussing:

I. Protect your information–There are several scams to steal from Medicare and you. However, the scammers cannot succeed unless they have your Social Security and Medicare numbers.

II. Remove Social Security numbers from checks–You may replace it with your driver’s license’s number.

III. Do not carry your insurance card in your purse or wallet. Instead carry an in case of emergency card.

Remember: NEVER give out your Social Security or Medicare number to strangers even if they claim to be with a doctor’s office, Medicare, or an medical supply company. Also make sure to check your Medicare statements often.