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How CVS Plans to Transform Health Care

When CVS acquired Aetna, it had big plans, and it’s starting to implement them. CVS hopes to completely transform the health care industry to benefit patients. The retailer intends to reorganize health care, so it’s centered on the consumer instead of providers. It will do this by offering more health care products and services to its customers.

Health Care Hubs

If you walk into a CVS store now, you’ll see many of the health care items you need. You can pick up over-the-counter medications, get a heating pad for your ailing back, and fill your prescriptions. The CVS of the future will look much different.

The idea is to have a place where people can have all their basic health care needs addressed under one roof. This is expected to cut down on emergency room visits and help people live healthier lives.

Check Out the Concept Store

It will take some time for these health care hubs to be available around the country, but some concept stores are already popping up. Three of the concept stores recently opened in Houston, giving a good sense of what we can expect in the future.

These concept stores have a closed-off space that people can use to take yoga classes and treatments. Pharmacists stop by to consult with people about their prescriptions and go over their health care needs. Nurse practitioners are on staff in the treatment area where they screen for diabetes, draw blood and even assess people for sleep apnea. They also help patients manage chronic conditions. You will receive the care in the privacy of an exam room, so don’t worry about being on display at the local CVS.

Also, these concept stores have additional medical equipment, such as products for caring for asthma. The staff will help you pick out the items that will help with your overall care.

Meet Your Care Concierge

Stepping into these stores might sound a little overwhelming. There’s so much to see and do, so where should you begin?

Just start with a visit to the store’s care concierge. He or she will go over various options at the store and help you pick what you need. You can find out when the next yoga class is, how to get your diabetes checked, and where to find the latest equipment. A care concierge is available at all times, so have a quick chat when you arrive. Then, you’ll be ready to shop, receive medical care, or get a little workout in during your trip to CVS.

Are You Ready to Receive Medical Care?

Medical care isn’t free, even at CVS. You need coverage if you want to get the care you need. Medicare is an excellent option, but don’t pick the first policy you see. Compare policies by calling (877) 829-1109. We also have an easy-to-use online tool to help you compare policies. Head to our website, plug in your information, and compare Medicare policies.