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Facts About Medicare

The truth about the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare had originally cut $500 billion from Medicare Part C, which is part of the Medicare Advantage Program. About 90% of seniors have Medicare Parts A and B. Most seniors cannot afford Medicare Advantage Plan, and, most important, hospitalization is covered by Part A at no additional costs, and doctor visits will be covered by Part B at $100 each month. ObamaCare has not and will not, cut benefits from Medicare Parts A and B.

Medicare Advantage Plans will offer Medicare Parts A, B, and D, which are prescription drug benefits that ate offered through private companies such as Humana and are subsidized by the federal government. Under Medicare Advantage seniors can get better or the same benefits under the Original Medicare plans, but at higher up front costs.

If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans, you will not lose any benefits. Every benefit under Medicare A and B must be provided to you according to the law. Most Part A benefits were previously subjected to out-of-pocket costs and are now free. What seniors should keep in mind is that they will not lose any of their Medicare benefits, the should shop around, select the plan, will work best for their situation.