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Medicare in the State of Connecticut

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Connecticut Medicare enrollment

There were 630,333 beneficiaries for Medicare in Connecticut during 2015, 18% of the total population. Which is comparable with the 17% of the population enrolled in Medicare in the United States.

West Virginia and Maine, the highest percentage states of beneficiaries; each are about 23 percent. Then the lowest percentage states are Alaska 11%, and Utah (12%). The raw numbers show that Alaska with 86,863 recipients is the lowest, then California has the most; it contains about one eight of the country’s population with 5.6 million then 14% of its population. Not counting the US Territories that contain mostly low enrollment totals for Medicare; Northern Mariana Islands Medicare only had 2,075 enrollees for 2015.

Aged VS. Disabled Breakdown

Of the individuals who qualify by their age alone, is about 87 percent of the recipients for Connecticut Medicare. The balance, which is 13% are those who are on Medicare because of a disability. The highest percent of recipients receiving Medicare is in Kentucky with disabled recipients for 25%. This is followed by the state of Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia then Arkansas. The smallest percent is 10% for Hawaii, which is followed by the state of New Jersey, then North & South Dakota which is 13%.

Medicare Spending – per recipient

In Connecticut; Medicare spent around $9,152 as of 2014 on an annual per enrollee. This was according to a CMS, standardized spending report that eliminates the spending differences which come from strictly geographic cost differences such as higher overhead expenses reflected in a higher cost of living area and labor costs. Original Medicare spending is the only consideration reported excluding Medicare Advantage.

The highest per capita spending for Medicare was in Louisiana at $10,754, then the lowest was Hawaii at $5,967.

Overall Medicare Spending

In 2009; Connecticut’s total Medicare spending was $6.19 billion. Looking at the largest and smallest numbers of recipients; California had accounted for $50.6 billion of the overall spending for Medicare whereas Alaska spending was only $553 million. Total spending for Medicare in all the states including the District of Columbia was $471 billion for 2009.

Connecticut Medigap

Medigap being the only type of private insurance for the Medicare beneficiaries and lacks a federally mandated annual OEP “Open Enrollment Period.” The Medigap coverage guaranteed issue is nationwide and only during the 6-month window at which time a beneficiary has first turned 65 and enrolls in the Original Medicare. This is the time Medigap enrollees can choose any Medigap plane that is available in their area without having to worry about medical underwriting; no underwriting.

After this 5-month window has ended, enrollees will often find themselves to be locked there plan which had initially been selected; regardless of premium changes because with most states, switching plans can be unaffordable if not impossible because of medical underwriting.

Some states implemented legislation to make it easier; allowing seniors to switch Medigap plans to another. Connecticut being one of these states and have some of the strongest protections for consumers in the nation.

Connecticut Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage offers private health benefit plans for Medicare beneficiaries instead of going through the Original Medicare or traditional Medicare which is the “federal government’s fee for service program.” These are plans for consumers who need options and desire additional benefits that exceed and go beyond what if offered by Original Medicare. These are not necessarily considered to be a wise option for some consumers that are concerned about government spending more on each enrollee who has a private plan than it would on Original Medicare. There are some “no premium” Advantage plans aside from the cost of Part B. But these plans use provider networks that can be more limited as opposed to Original Medicare with the total out of pocket cost sometimes being considerably higher for enrollees from what they would have with Original Medicare plus a Part D and Medigap plan.

(Stand-Alone) Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Connecticut had just over half of the states total Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a stand-alone prescription drug plan which was 317,693 in 2015. There are 26 plans in the state with ranging premiums; about $18-$128 each month.

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