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CMS warns of Medicare scams during open enrollment

Open enrollment for Medicare is here and con artists are hoping to cash in. An official with AARP Foundation Fraud Fighter Center says that these scams often begins with phone calls. These con artists will call and claim they are from insurance companies, Medicare and Social Security and they will ask for information, which is related to your personal medical situations.

What these con artists want is your Social Security and Medicare numbers. Releasing these information can lead to these crooks to commit identity theft.

There is a simple way you can protect yourself: do not release your personal information to any unknown callers, because it is too risky. . You do not know if this person on the phone is legitimate. Once he or she has your information, you can be in a lot of trouble if it turns out that it is a scammer.

Enrollees should keep in mind that once they switch plans, it will be hard to undo it and they could be stuck for a whole year. The bottom line is the people who work at Medicare will never call asking for your bank account number or Social Security number.