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Changes in the size of your household size may qualify you for Special Enrollment Periods

Household size changes?

Changes in your household in the previous / past 60 days may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.

Did you get married.

  • Then pick a plan no later than the last day in the month then your coverage can start on the first day of the following month.

Children changes, new baby or if you adopted a child, placing a child for foster care.

  • Cover may then start the day of that event. Even if you had enrolled in a plan that is up to 60 days after you enrolled.

Divorced or legally separated, then lost your health insurance.

  • Note that legal separation or divorce that did not cause you to lose your health insurance will not qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.


  • If someone in your Marketplace has died and it disqualifies you because you are now no longer eligible for the current insurance plan, then you will be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.