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2017 Medigap Plans

Information On 2017 Medigap Plans

Reforms have been made by policymakers with regards to medicare insurance (Medigap) and have been looking to seek the appropriate date to launch the changes. These changes are going to come during 2017 to ensure the coverage is in place as required legally. Let’s assess what the 2017 Medigap plans are all about and what they are going to entail for policyholders. It is important to understand the nuances at play prior to making a decision as to how beneficial the plans will be and the value they bring into one’s life in general.

Part A and Part B

The main factor for policyholders to consider would be requiring the two-parted plan setup for Medigap. Each policyholder who is receiving the supplemental insurance has to get both Part A and Part B insurance to supplement their healthcare.

This is done in order to reap the benefits of both plans under one umbrella. There is also an extension on offer in the form of the “Medigap Advantage Plan” for those who seek to get additional benefits for their fees.

The fees are split between two agencies. One would be the health insurance agency (which receives funds for Part A) and Medicare (which receives funds for Part B). Together it forms a comprehensive supplemental insurance plan for the policyholder to make the most of as needed.