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2015 Open Enrollment

2015 open enrollment start October 15 and will end on December 7. This means that ever person will Medicare may review and change their prescription drug plan and Medicare health plans for 2015.

The beneficiaries health needs change every year and so does their health care plans. Physicians, benefits, drug formulary, and premiums costs will vary depending on plan. This is why it is important for beneficiaries review their Medicare choices every fall.

Keep in mind that Medicare’s open enrollment period is separate from the Affordable Care Act, which will begin in November is not for those who are receiving Medicare benefits.

Beneficiaries will need to compare their current plans to new options, to see if they can lower costs, find a new plan that fits their budget and needs, or improve their benefits. Those who are retirement aged are not the only people who should be paying attention. If someone is close to 65, they should be familiarizing themselves with the programs that are available so they can be prepared.