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2017 Best Medicare Plans and Ratings

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

A 2017 Best Medicare Plans Report was released by US New and World Report with new ratings resourced for the beneficiaries of Medicare to help in searching for options that offer the best coverage options offered during the annual OEP (Open Enrollment Period) which started October 15th and remains open until December 7th 2016. Plan ratings that are offered on the US News Health Insurance website include Honor Rolls for the Best Medicare Advantage Plans & the Best Part D Plans. Then they Highlight the insurance companies who offer highly...

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Starting November 28 2016, Rights to Sue will be restored

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

Starting November 28, 2016, when placing loved ones in nursing homes it will not require signing away legal rights. The regulators for Medicare and Medicaid barred any nursing homes receiving federal funding from being able to require any residents in advance to agree to resolving disputes using arbitration as opposed to doing this in court. This was a big breakthrough. The end of this pre dispute arbitration clauses for nursing home contracts will mean it’s the end of this unacceptable practice which has acted as a shield for nursing homes...

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2 Unknown Mysteries when it comes to Medicare

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Medicare News, Medigap Plans, News | 0 comments

One; there are a large amount of Medicare beneficiaries who have been deciding to opt out of government run insurance programs. As an alternative they are choosing private plans, Medicare Advantage plans being offered.  This trends strength challenges the predication coming from the Congressional Budget Office and nobody can fully explain this. Two, that the traditional Medicare growth in spending has slowed as opposed to the historical expectations and trends. While there may be theories on this we still do not fully understand what could be...

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Medicare billing, Are some doctors not properly billing?

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016 in Medicare News, News | 0 comments

The Obama administration has stated that doctors have been billing the poor for some Medicare costs that are supposed to be exempt such as co payments, deductibles as well as other costs. Doctors have been warned by Federal officials that if they persist with these practices they could be subject to penalties by being fined or even be excluded from Medicare. Those being billed improperly are qualified Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicaid. These people have low incomes, over 65 or disabled, typically making less than $1,010.00 each...

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