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Medicare regulations change often, so check with your local Medicare office for information on any specific equipment that you may need.

Lymphedema Pumps

If the condition is such that without the use of a wheelchair, the patient would be bed/chair confined.

Medical Oxygen Regulators
Covered if your loved one’s ability to breathe is severely.

Motorized Wheelchairs
Covered if one’s condition is such that a wheelchair is medically necessary, and he or she is unable to operate the wheelchair manually.

Alternating Pressure Pads
Covered in certain cases.

Audible/Visible Signal Pacemaker Monitor
Covered when prescribed by a doctor.

Blood Glucose Monitor
If one is able to test themselves at home.

If the medical condition impairs the ability to walk.

Continuous Passive Motion Devices
Covered for a total knee replacement patient.

Crutches and Knee Walkers
If there is an impairment of ability to walk.

Electric Hospital Beds
Under very specific conditions, and must be ordered by a physician.

If the ability to breathe is seriously impaired.

Medical Hydraulic Lift
If a physician determines that one needs periodic movement to improve, arrest, or retard deterioration in the patient’s condition.











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